Apr 1, 2009

And I do mean sit.

Text message to Right Wing Evangelicals: I am more than willing to sit through any cure you've got for my being gay on the condition that right afterward, you sit through my cure for your being straight.

Offer expires Monday

Denny's new ad campaign:
Drop in on our Sunday Brunch and eat our scrumptious
We - Found-Something-In - the - Freezer - That - Expires - On -
Monday Omelet!

Mar 31, 2009

A Renaissance Fair in the Year 2050

A fairly typical Renaissance Fair in the Year 2050:
People will dress up in Dockers,
step into a booth,
vote for Ronald Reagin (sp?),
step out,
get their 4D pictures taken,
and laugh their asses off.

Warhol Redux.

Famous Quotes Update:
"In the future, everyone will go viral for 15 minutes."

Mar 30, 2009