Sep 29, 2006

Another one? Oh for...

The only surviving drag queen on the Titanic: Mandy Lifeboats


For the record, I'm not feeling terror. So technically, they're not "terrorists". Technically, they're "skittishists".

Sep 27, 2006

It's an "answering machine", not an "open forum machine"

When I say "Just leave your name and number at the sound of the tone", I mean "Just your name and number".

Style vs substance

We've already been over this:  it's not a "gay lifestyle", it's a "gay lifesubstance".

That reminds me

Not only is my memory bad, but I think my memory is starting to go.

Sep 26, 2006

Coffee table books

Years from now, scholars will look back at this millenium's great works of literature and say, "They were all written in a Starbuck's...."


You know what I love!!! Bad punctuation:

That Song Was About Me.

 I'm not vain.  In fact, I'm painfully self-conscious about my extraordinary good looks.

Sep 25, 2006

Knock 'em Deadpan

Advice to young comics: the more deadpan now, the less wrinkles later.

Artificial Intelligence

Now that we've made some headway on artificial intelligence, what say we take a stab at artificial grace and artificial charm?