Feb 18, 2006

Daily lesson.

Today I learned that you learn something new every day. Ironically, I didn't learn a thing yesterday.

Feb 15, 2006

Dick Cheney

Cheney only did what my father used to tell me to do ever since I was a little boy:

"Son, if you shoot a lawyer, keep your mouth shut."

Feb 12, 2006

Let's Not Be Childish

In response to "Take Your Children to Work" Day, employees without children have instituted "Do Your Work At Work" Day.

Cartoon Wars

Iran paper's Holocaust cartoons

A leading Iranian newspaper has launched a competition asking people to submit cartoons about the Holocaust. The Hamshahri daily says the competition is to test the boundaries of free speech for Westerners.

Those reading the Iranian cartoons reflected, "That's funny. They don't look Danish."
A friend of mine says he grew up with a sweet tooth but somewhere along the line it turned into an alcoholic tooth.