Dec 16, 2005

Dec 15, 2005

Tap, tap, this on?

The ice cream man in our neighborhood was rushed to the hospital.
He was diagnosed with Popsicle Sell Anemia.

Dec 13, 2005

The Bottom Line

My doctor said I should be able to lead a normal life, although the fact that I haven't lead one so far really puts the odds against it.

or Dirt Rich and Filthy Poor

I am equally fascinated by dirt poor Republicans and filthy rich Democrats.

Dec 12, 2005


When selecting a wedding gift, remember: a candy dish says nothing.

Phone Manners...feh.

Something to say to telephone support when it's not going well and you're feeling cranky:

"Please keep in mind that someone's paying you to listen to me and no one's paying me to listen to you."

Good News for Parents

Here's an inside scoop to all you parents who think it's your fault your kid is gay:

I have heard every coming out story at least a hundred times. And according to what I've heard, "being gay" is the only thing that's not your fault.