May 28, 2005


I took a stereotyping test -- 60 people a minute with only 2 errors.

Star Wars

Saw the latest Star Wars last night.
Here I Sith all brokenhearted....

May 27, 2005

Pubic Speaking

If you're nervous speaking to a crowd, it helps to picture them naked. Just make sure your shirt is untucked or you're holding a book in front of you.

May 26, 2005


The most common thought of someone hanging from the gallows:

"The suspense is killing me."

Updated Quote

"A man is known by the Favorite Links he keeps."

May 25, 2005


A n n C oulter owes her career and her right to vote to liberals. Specifically, suffragettes.

May 24, 2005


If you want someone to read your email, guaranteed, just put this simple phrase as your subject line:

"You were right."

May 23, 2005


The perfect aspirin commercial: someone blows an air horn for 30 seconds.

Seen it.

I won't go see any movie whose description includes the word "heist" or the word "bumbling".