Feb 12, 2005

And I mean Never

Pay attention to this. It is important. Your child's art is never to leave your home.

Precedent Bush

The country that is 49th in the world in literacy elected George W. Bush twice. Guess it doesn't take a nucular scientist to figure out how that happened.

Sorry Mr. Steinbeck

Loved "The Grapes of Wrath". Love "The Wine of Wrath" more.

Feb 8, 2005

Career goals

My high school guidance counsellor once asked me which I wanted to be: a CPA or an accountant. I asked "Isn't that just sixty-one, half dozen of another?"

Feb 7, 2005


I bought a lottery ticket. Then I peed on the floor of the 7-11 because the ticket said "Void where prohibited by law."

Feb 6, 2005


The most confusing and disorienting place in the world: The Red Velvet Rope Museum.