Jan 7, 2005


I caught a cold while I was at Ikea yesterday.

Since I got it at Ikea, I don't expect it to last long. Plus, I had to put it together myself....


How does the old saying go? "Binge a cold, bulimic a fever." Or is it the other way around, I can never remember.

Jan 6, 2005

This doesn't bode well

I just bought a Teflon pan and I can't get the sticker off of it.

Jan 5, 2005


I don't believe in astrology. Virgos never do.

It's a budget thing.

US President George W. Bush has donated 10,000 dollars from his personal funds to tsunami relief.

Sandra Bullock has donated 1 million dollars.

Robert Blake

My reaction when I heard that Robert Blake shot his wife:

"Why that Little Rascal...."

School days

When you get to my age, if you see someone you are sure you went to school with, chances are that person is a stranger 20 years younger than you.

Jan 4, 2005


The worst blogs are the ones that refer to blogs somewhere in the posts. See?

The World

People split up this world to make it more managable.

Men/Women. Young/Old. Black/White. Gay/Straight.

Everyone does it.

For me it's Me/People Who Annoy Me.


They say if you can survive your friends, you can survive anything. In fact, a friend of mine said it to me. In fact, hey wait...

Yes, Virginia...

These two are for Virginians only:

  • Dulles dishwater.

    • Slower than Manassas in January.

    • Jan 2, 2005


      I think it's mean that they give kids Play-doh and don't give them Play-yeest.

      Rumors spread

      A friend of mine was worried he had a topical infection. I told him if it helped any, I hadn't heard anyone talking about it.

      Another Inappropriate Drag Name

      Megan Slaw.

      Parked by a hydrant

      A friend with dogs was visiting from out-of-town. She asked if I'd ever seen a dog park in the area. I said I did but it never even gets close to the curb.